Geschichtsphilosophie‘, a look at writing history from the perspective of a poet. An analysis of H. Heine’s essay, Verschiedenartige Geschichtsschreibungen.

A look at the trope of picture, images, perspective in ETA Hoffmann’s seminal short story, The Sandmann. Images and Perspective in Hoffmann’s The Sandmann



K. Krylova’s book, The Long Shadow of the Past: Contemporary Austrian Literature, Film and Culture. Camden House, 2017. Review_Kryvola_Long Shadow Austrian Culture

E. T. Potter, Marriage, Gender and Desire in Early Enlightenment German Comedy. Camden House, 2012. Review_Marriage_Gender_Potter_NC

Physis and Norm. Eds. M. Beetz; J. Garber; H. Thoma. Wallstein, 2007. Review Physis and Norm